Here at Em’s Little Cake Company we create a range of celebration cakes and cupcakes to suit each customer. All can be made to your exact design ideas, so if you don’t see something you fancy below, contact us and we will do our best to make your cake perfect!


5″ Mini Cake
Great things come in small packages! The perfect sized cake for a smaller gathering serving between 10-15 people.

8″ Celebration Cake
Our most popular size of cake! Best suited for a smaller celebration or party. Serving between 20-25 people.

10″ Ultimate Cake
Go big or go home! The ultimate single tiered cake to feed an entire party! Serving between 35-40 people.

Small Two-tiered Cake
Small but mighty! Made up of a 5″ and 8″ cake our smaller two tiered cakes are perfect for an elegant style at a smaller size. Serves 35-40 people.
from £115.00

Large Two-tiered Cake
As big as it gets! Built using our two biggest cakes, 8″ and 10″, your celebration will be unforgettable with this monster! Serves 60-70 people.
from £160.00

Em’s Little Creations!

There is nothing more personal than a specifically designed cake based around your loved ones favourite things in life! Em’s Little Creations can turn any passion into a tasty treat ready for any celebration, just contact us to discuss your ideas!


Box of 6 Cupcakes
A little treat! A box of 6 custom made cupcakes with an unending choice of toppings.
from £12.50

Box of 12 Cupcakes
Share box or all for you? Either way add your favourite toppings and dig in!
from £20.00

Box of 24 Cupcakes
Going all out! Treat yourself to the biggest box of all, perfect to share at a party!