The perfect Saturday night treat! All your favourite treats including delivery Brownies, Blondies and Rocky Roads. Each in their own box with gift wrap available, making them the ideal surprise for friends and family.

Here is a small collection of some of our treats that can be delivered straight to your door. These and many more are available to order now through our online shop. Click here to order!


Jammie Dodger Blondie

Bakewell Blondie

Bueno Blondie

Caramac Blondie

White Chocolate Blondie

Lotus Biscoff Blondie


Chocolate Orange Brownie

Mint Chocolate Brownie

Creme Egg Brownie

Crunchie Brownie

Fudge Brownie

Mini Egg Brownie

Rocky Road

Twix Rocky Road

Biscoff & White Chocolate Rocky Road

Kinder Bueno Rocky Road