The Top 5 Baking Accounts To Follow on Twitter!

We thought we would share some of our favourite baking accounts on Twitter, that are guaranteed to grace your feed with the most mouthwatering content out there!

1. Jane’s Patisserie – @janespatisserie

No list of baking accounts is complete without the amazing Jane’s Patisserie. Jane regularly posts unbelievably delicious and practical receipes available on her social channels and website for you to try at home. From beautiful cakes to indulgently sticky brownies, there’s a whole host of new things to try from the comfort of your own home!

2. The Baking Nanna – @thebakingnanna1

One half of the #twitterbakealong, The Baking Nanna is the a brilliant place to share you latest culinery adventures. If you are like us and love nothing better than sharing your baking exploits with like-minded home bakers, then you need to get involved!

3. Valerie Ann Stones – @valstones

Valerie Ann Stones, aka The Cake Whisperer is another fantastic source of fun receipes for you to try at home. Her website is full of new ideas, hints and tips to take your baking to the next level. Go take a look, you wont regret it!

4. Cakes Decor – @cakesdecor

If your anything like me and love to see lots of stunning celebration cakes, then you will love Cakes Decor. Every hour your feed will be graced by the sight of beautifully decorated cakes, made by bakers all over the world. A must follow for any cake decorators!

5. Poppy’s Cupcakes – @poppycupcakes

Poppy’s Cupcakes London is the home of immaculately decorated cupcakes. If you live in London and haven’t tried any of Poppy’s Cupcakes, then what are you waiting for?

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